Innovation and Technology Modernization

Innovation and Technology Modernization

Our government faces an array of critical and complex challenges, including protecting public health and the environment, caring for veterans, responding to natural disasters, and safeguarding our national security.

Meeting these challenges requires government to innovate and to make effective use of new and emerging technologies that enable better service delivery.

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We help our government adopt new approaches and strategies that harness creative thinking to deliver more effective services and better outcomes to the public. 


Technology Modernization

While the federal government has made great strides in recent years toward modernizing its services, it is still stifled by legacy technology systems, outdated technology management practices, and difficulties in recruiting and retaining qualified technology experts—all of which prevent agencies from meeting the increased expectations of the digital era.

To address these challenges, we conduct research and provide programming that highlights best practices and strategies to recruit and retain essential tech experts. We also train federal leaders to use technology more effectively, both in their services and in the workplace. 

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